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Winnard have developed the most comprehensive range of Commercial and Passenger Vehicle Brake Drums for British and European makes, with braking diameters from 254 to 500mm. All Winnard brake drums are batch coded and identity stamped for complete manufacturing tractability.


Winnard have been at the forefront of brake disc production since their introduction to Commercial Vehicles in the mid eighties and are now major suppliers to many of the leading names in the industry. Today we have a range of Brake Discs covering vehicles from small vans to industrial cranes and bespoke manufacture for specialized vehicles.


To complement our extensive range of Brake Discs we have introduced a full range of quality commercial vehicle brake pads. The majority are Manufactured to ECE Regulation 90 and provide O.E. performance at a competitive price.

The Pagid passenger car range includes:

More than 850 Brake Pads: Pagid manufacture a full range of brake pads to give wide vehicle parc coverage. All Pagid pads are manufactured to O.E. specification including more than 20 types of noise fix and packaged accessories.

More than 280 Brake Shoe : With a wide range of O.E. lined brake shoes, fully regulation 90 homologated, Pagid quality brake shoes are the perfect friction partner to Pagid brake drums.

More than 100 Brake Drums: Manufactured from the highest quality casts to O.E. standards, engineered to provide both performance and life.

More than 800 Brake Discs: With a brake disc for every pad in the Pagid range, these complimentary products offer the optimum high performance friction solution.

The Pagid commercial vehicle range includes:

More than 70 Brake Pads: High performance, long life and kind to discs, Pagid CV brake pads represent optimum value and safety.

More than 360 Brake Linings: World leading CV brake friction, high performance, excellent fade characteristics and low drum wear.

The vast range of friction products in the Pagid range are specifically designed to meet the needs of individual vehicles and their braking systems.

Club Sport/Racing Sport

Pagid is well known for its successes in motorsport. In racing its RS Racing Sport products are used at all levels from the club racing competitor up to professional and factory-backed GT and touring car racing teams.

Designed to be the very best that motorsport has to offer, Pagid race pads have a long history of excellent results, both on and off the racetrack; including the Sebring 12hr race, Grand Prix of Miami, Daytona 24hr Race, plus many more. Up to 80 % of the teams in endurance races rely on Pagid racing products.

The CS Club Sport Pad is a high performance compound with low fading characteristics and high cold-friction.

It is the most comfortable medium friction sport compound. The Sport Pad is rotor friendly and suitable for street and light track use. Available for most Audi, BMW, Porsche and VW applications.

Pagid Sport Brake Pads are dipped in an anti-corrosion blue paint, with a layer also on the friction surface. This paint coating will disintegrate during the first braking applications without any loss of friction compared to our other non-coated compounds. In addition a majority of the “S“ Line is standard with anti-noise shims.

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For further information contact either Winnard www.winnard.co.uk & Pagid www.pagid.com

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